About us

Obed Edom is a missional church. We are a community of friends who have a passion for loving God extravagantly. Our greatest joy and privilege is to host the manifest presence of God here on earth and activate people in experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our first ministry is to Jesus, to love and worship Him, and from that place to take teams to the ends of the earth. We hold Kingdom family as a high priority, therefore everything we do is highly relational. As our friends in the nations increase, we want to see God’s Kingdom advance all over planet earth! Here’s how we see it:  Host the presence of God, bring others into encounters with His power and love, and devote ourselves to community and friendship.  

A thought that's not our own...

While in a tent in Yosemite in the spring of 2014, our group began to experience the tangible Presence of God in wild fashion as always. In between chants, ohm's and tongues I began to say "Obed Edom" over and over again. It was intriguing to say the least.  After I looked up what Obed Edom meant, I was delighted to find that this man was an innocent bystander whose entire life changed after encountering the Presence of God. The Ark of the Presence was left at Obed Edom's house by King David for 3 months.  Obed Edom and all his household were blessed because the Ark was with them. After rumors of these blessings reached King David, he came back for the Ark. But, it was too late for Obed Edom he was addicted to the Presence of God! History records that he moved with the Ark and he and his family blessedly served before the Presence of God all the days of their life.

Our vision is to carry and release this real and powerful Presence of God throughout the world. As a byproduct of our addiction, we along with everyone around us will be massively blessed. We live to encounter the living God and to bring others into the reality of His life-changing Spirit.



Barry's Story

Barry lived in Chicago studying the art of improvisation. On a snowboarding trip to Telluride he had a radical encounter with the Spirit of God. Being the improviser that he is, he "Yes And'd" what the Spirit was doing and ended up in Redding, CA. Realizing how connected He is to the Spirit of God all fear left him and he walks in radical encounters daily which he brings others into as often as he can. 

Julie's Story

Julie is a photo journalist with a passion to tell stories that promote justice in the nations. She worked in one of Reddings Church's Short-Term Mission Department for 5 years facilitating revival in over 48 countries. She finds great joy in building and activating teams to carry the presence of God to the nations.  

Alison's Story

Alison was a public accountant in North Carolina before the Lord called her to the mission field. After ministering around the world for 11 months on The World Race, she was led to Redding where she attended ministry school. While there she began to encounter God's love intimately. She has a passion for revival in the nations and is willing to go to the ends of the earth to see God's manifest presence revealed.

David's Story

David Verly is a native Minnesotan who currently lives in Redding, CA.  David loves Jesus, his friends and the great outdoors. He has a passion for theology, worship and being "drunk on the Holy Ghost." David is currently leading worship at Cana New Wine Seminary.  

Joshua's Story

Joshua's passion is simple:  Eden restored.  This involves bringing others into deeper revelation with their current good standing with the Father.  He loves walking barefoot, naked vulnerability and  constant communion with Holy Spirit.  Joshua recently finished writing a journal book entitled The Cost of Love.  His hope is to one day start safe houses for women rescued out of trafficking.