to Mar 31

Come with us

Bus Caravan to Nicaragua!

Come join us on this Holy Spirit filled adventure to Central America! Last January we set out in a Holy caravan with 12 of our favorite friends, 2 kids, 2 dogs and a baby on the way:) At the end of our journey we purchased land on a mystical island located inside of a lake in Nicaragua. Ometepe Island is also home to two volcanoes and travelers come from around the world to experience the energy. Besides a wild spontaneous venture in busses through Central America we will end the caravan and launch a worship room on our land in Ometepe. We have a heart to connect those who are seeking and turn everyone we meet onto the intoxicating presence of Jesus Christ! We will have sound bath Holy Spirit encounters, love on people with kombucha and smoothies, as well as partner with locals in friendship and training/equipping in the Supernatural. We will hit the road January , 2017. Feel free to e-mail or connect with us on Facebook for more details:)

Blessings and love!

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House of Worship: Tijuana, Mexico
to Jun 2

House of Worship: Tijuana, Mexico

Hello Beautiful People of Light!

We will be visiting our house of worship in the Red Light District of Tijuana and would love you to join us! This will be a trip where we practice being in the Presence of God and sharing pure love with those who live and work in the Red Light District. This trip is for those who are craving Holy Spirit adventures and encounters and spreading the love of God!

Price of trip: $290.  Once we confirm your registration, you can pay under the "Give/Payments" tab.

Limited space available in our van, so sign up ASAP to get a spot!

QUESTIONS?  Email us at obed.edom.house@gmail.com

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Pahoa, Hawaii :)
to Jan 30

Pahoa, Hawaii :)

Leaders: Julie Peters and Joshua Jon Scott

Dates: January 21- January 30

Cost: $1550

Come to Pahoa, the new age capitol of the Big Island of Hawaii. Our heart is to build community, experience the culture and establish a deeper presence of Love. Ministry opportunities can include (but definitely not limited to) drum circles, ecstatic dances, and Kava/ local Kombucha bar gatherings.  People are hungry and often travel from all over the world to experience the lava and spiritual energy at Pahoa.  We will also be establishing a 24/7 house of worship on the main strip of Pahoa called The Lampstand. If you have an open mind, value relationship and are not easily offended, please join us for this radical Holy Spirit adventure!

To see more about this: http://www.obededomhouse.com/http/obededomhouseblog/

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Tijuana Red Light District
to Nov 25

Tijuana Red Light District

Cost: $550

Come join us see the radical love and glory of JESUS poured out in Tijuana! Be a part of loving God extravagantly and pouring the fragrance of heaven into the streets, clubs,and heroin camps! We will also be a part of Incense 24/7 house of worship where we will throw glory parties in the Red Light District, releasing Holy Spirit's love to local believers, prostitutes and all those on the edge of eternal life! 

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to Oct 20

Incense 24/7- Red Light District, Tijuana

Cost: $450

Come join us as we make history with God on this glory filled mission to the Red Light District of Tijuana, MX. After 7 years of pouring into this land Holy Spirit has opened the doors to establish a 24/7 House of Worship in the Red Light District of TJ in partnership with locals on the ground. This will be a unique experience combining ministry with establishing a dwelling place for the Spirit of God. Ministry will include bringing the love of Christ to the ladies in the red light, pouring out love and feeding those suffering addiction living in the heroin camps, and worshipping King Jesus in the Incense 24/7 House of Worship. 

Mission Statement for Incense 24/7: The purpose of Incense House of Worship is to host the Presence of God by being gates to His Glory that will spill His Manifest Presence into the Red Light and beyond. To that end, people who are one encounter away from the revolutionary and life-altering love of Jesus will see His Goodness, feel His Heartbeat, and be transformed by His Manifest Glory.

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to Jul 28

Skid Row, Los Angeles

Cost: $250

Skid Row contains one of the largest stable populations of homeless people in the United States. The sidewalks are lined with cardboard boxes, tents, and shopping carts. Join us as we pitch a tent and throw a party of love on the streets of the Angels! We will camp out and make friends while serving hot cocoa and chili dogs. Other happenings will include LA traffic ministry, and a visit to  the home where the Azusa St revival started and we will also have a unique opportunity to become in tune with the frequency of God through a sound bath.  

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