Visions of glory

We see Eden, that is Heaven on Earth- ALL people coming together in perfect union with their Father and with his Son and with their beautiful Holy Spirit.

We found a group of people that are recklessly hungry for true Life. A people abundant in Love and at the forefront of this coming wave of Holy Spirit bliss and glory.

This wave- to rescue humanity from her current state of slavery, and take her dancing and singing, naked and intoxicated into eternity and her infinite realms of grace and mercy.

Our calling is to set up a Land, a safe place for the Lord and her people- a Land of wonder and mystery and the presence of God- that is Love smile emoticon

So much has been revealed as we have sought the face of God these past few months and we believe he is going to surprise everyone with what he is about to do. We've seen young and old hungry for an expression of God that goes beyond the 4-walls, memorized songs, programs and meetings. We've seen what the church would call new agers, gypsies, hippies or transients put everything on the line to travel to the ends of the earth seeking truth, light, love, adventure, hoping for something more. These ones labeled as "the world" are fearless, abandoned, trained by GOING, full of wonder, not afraid to share or care. They look into each others eyes, share stories, resources and life, music, dancing and celebration. Could this be the bride of Christ about to be revealed. Jesus hides himself in darkness and spent his time with those on the fringe.

We believe this is the time of the highways and byways, a time to stop business as usual. A time to get back to family, sit at tables and share meals and communion- where life on life happens. God showed me years ago that "take My BODY, eat" is more than bread but the breaking of life and intimacy. As the BODY of Christ, true communion involves partaking of one another as we partake of Him.

I am humbly convinced that Christ is about to be revealed to these radical ones. They are more open to the Spirit than most so-called christians I've met. As the revelation of Jesus Christ is revealed among these I am convinced the biggest move of God- the Spirit revolution- will take place. I see them, as well as the true believers, filled with Holy Spirit, fearlessly going into the darkest places- dancing upon injustice and taking back what is rightfully His! God has shown us, just as there are passageways in the waters and the Lands, the sex industry also has a very specific track on the Earth (of course it isn't random. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, very calculated and very demonic). We believe that revival will hits these hundreds of thousands of travelers already travelling the Earth, looking for thrills and death defying experiences, and that by then we will have cracked the circuit and these fire bandits will fearlessly rush in with music, dancing, LOVE and just straight up take the ladies, the men and the stolen children back.

So we moved to Ometepe, Nicaragua. And we have the keys to revival. Our plan is to find Land and claim it in the name of Love as a place of refuge, where the hungry can find food and where the thirsty can find living waters.We will also continue to set up houses of worship in red light districts around the world. We are ready to see his will be done as his kingdom comes... On Earth as it is in Heaven. As this unfolds, you beautiful ones of glorious light are invited to COME. Please come and share communion with us. Bring a hammock or a tent, bring a hammer or bring a song...