Creating a New World Order

Breaking out of the systems which I have given my energy and time to has been a process of overcoming fear and giving up control. I did this in order to pursue an unorthodox life of  spiritual encounters, love and community in order to influence cultures for the better. 

First I had to push through my comfort zone. I had to find what I was afraid of and run at it. I had to realize that the security I put in money and a job were ultimately an illusion, that my security was in who I was as a child of God. That I was protected and cared for.  I had cultivate an attitude of hope and positivity.  I had to look at fear and see that it was never really attached to me, in fact it only became real if I dwelt on fearful thoughts. Once I found the root of my fear I could forgive those who placed it there and myself for accepting it. If I gave fear a place in my mind it spread like a virus. I had to divorce my feelings.  I intentionally moved out of my head and into my heart. I had to follow that still small voice that speaks peace in any circumstance. I had to follow my dreams of a better world. The dreams of freedom, provision, experience and relationship are what drive me to move. As I accept those dreams as a reality they begin to manifest in the atmosphere around me and I know that I cannot fail.  

As our world awakens to the realm of the Spirit and as people realize how connected we are, conflicts will cease. As we ascend in our consciousness we will see that what we do to others we ultimately do to ourselves, and right now humanity has the ability to choose to love, and trust. That God is good. God is the great improviser, He will meet us where we are and bring about a scenario that will supersede this one.

Following my heart is what I needed to do: to experience; to love; to feel. We are expressions of divinity. We are Jesus, operating in that Christ Consciousness. Regardless of the perceived limits of our mind, we are very powerful beings who are only beginning to grasp our potential. Our power is in the peace, in the rest, in the love of humanity and in the hands of God. 

- Barry Merkabah