so we went

beyond the borders of ourselves
to the place where few go
beyond the end of all things.
We saw the heavenly realms,
the places of pure light.
We saw the landscapes 
and we saw.... Him [thank you!]
One of bright Love and pure emotion
One who turns all things new
and makes me happy
a joy beyond joys...

a safe and naked space
a place for you and me,
My lovely ones
My fragrance beyond beauty
My life and fresh air.

Teach us your ways
Tell us the stories of time
and the lives beyond ours.
Let us taste the ages
and smell the now.
Let us see the future and...

Drink, she says.
So we did
and we were overcome. Taken under the influence of something new and fantastic-
a purple cloud of glory.
Dancing sparkles we see
Life, that is Love, that is the truer way to heaven.
Not death! My dear ones, I came to bring you life and of it you may drink abundantly the ever flowing streams of mercy and triumph.

So We came
to a place of glowing gold...

Our rebirth,
Our silver lining 
to the Rainbow coloured cosmos.

Where light, life and beauty meet.
Where love, truth, and honesty mingle.
Where we are whole and one and unashamedly naked.