Prophetic Dream about the Bride

It was my wedding day and my family put a wedding dress on me that was really old-fashioned, too big and heavy it just didn't fit me. I looked down and was sad because it was so ugly. Then my sister started doing my hair but she was tying it up and as I looked in the mirror I didn't like what I saw, I didn't look like me, I wanted my hair down to be loose and flowing. Then I realized the man I was about to marry I didn't even know very well and the thought of being naked with him scared me. everything just felt so wrong but I felt this pressure and obligation because everyone was already there. And in the dream I wasn't even confident that the groom would be there. I went upstairs to look where the guest were waiting and there were so many people there but none were close to me just a room full of acquaintances, this too grieved me and I kept thinking I just want to do it the way my friends got married, just the two of them made vows to each other in the presence of Holy Spirit. Then I was at the elevator to go to the ceremony still sick to my stomach. When the doors opened the cart wasn't at ground level and if I would've stepped forward I would have fallen into the dark shaft. Just then a woman appeared and jumped up into the elevator cart and it turned into a portal of light.

When I woke up Holy Spirit began to reveal the meaning. She said this is what is happening in the body of Christ, that we are putting burdens on the world that don't fit and are too heavy to bear, we want them to conform into an image that isn't them then pressure them to make a decision to marry a God they don't have intimacy with and they are afraid to be naked/ real with a commitment that even the Bridegroom isn't in. And at the reception/church buildings are full of people that aren't family.

He is standing with arms wide open, He requires nothing of you to come into His glorious love no matter where or what you've done or are doing! Forgive us Father for making it so hard for people to be themselves and see You.