2nd night at the hippie commune, there is a talent show every Tuesday night! So much celebration and life. I talk to this guy and join a table full of people, he begiins to talk about the problems in the world so I release a cleansing tongue to purify the atmosphere. He identifies it as tongues then identifes himself as a Christian .. We have a conversation and he says a lot of whacked up stuff mostly about judgment and not being in the world then he tells me not to speak in tongues here that I will blow his/ my cover. I begin to explain that I'm not under cover trying to make friends with an agenda of conversion, that I simply walk in love and release my spirit and am welcomed everywhere I go. He tells me if I do it again he won't talk to me. Not annoyed by this at all I continue to be me and release sweet Holy Spirit! The other 6 people inquire and begin to feel the love of God! I tell them it is the spirit of God a language felt, beyond words and they are free to commune with Him too. They all get blasted and one starts recording. Another says if this were on tv they would start watching it. Everyone mystified by the tangible presence of God. When we hug goodnight they said it was the best hug they ever had then we grouped hugged. During the encounter they would just start releasing their spirit and could feel Holy Spirit. When I went back into the "forest" or campground everyone huddled under covering as the rain began to fall. Instruments, music, laughter and long conversations went into the night. I continued to sing in tongues and hug the ones God so loves that He died for. The hugs spread love more potent than every other intoxication the night offered and one brother or sister would say to another, "have you tried that" and they would and the true light is burning into the night! JESUS is the desire of the nations and as they see Him all will come! Beautifully all the nations of the earth come to this spot! Oh Lord you said ask and the nations will sing, distant shores and the islands will sing, oh that's the cry of my heart!