Breaking Human DNA

I remember Hawaii and all of the beautifully wonderful things God did in my heart. It started the night I saw the cord of death and my human DNA pull out of me. the Angels were in the room and the universe ushered in by the living creatures and the sweet presence of Jesus. I saw my mothers face then deaths face and they both cracked then an imbelical looking thing pulled out of my being. I cried the sweetest cries of the Fathers love as I trekked through the volcanic rock trodden earth. Feeling Him like never before, the sweetest of LOVE. I felt HOSANNA as I walked through tall grasses and felt the gentle hands of angels and the waiting ones. I cried every sweet tear down to captain cooks monument not then understanding the things I do now. Looked into the face of God, saw sunsets and rainbows! Jumped into the deep came up through the earth as Holy Spirit taught us to walk on water into secret star gates of glory! Found brothers and sisters of the tribe of obed edom who follow the ark of His Presence. One of the tenderest moments soaking in a tub I went to wash my feet and gently closed my eyes. The bathroom door opened and beautiful Holy Spirit came in and lavishly tenderly washed my feet... Then shut the door behind her. I didn't know then what I know now and how those days prepared me to walk into the dessert and see the blood lines seperate. There are things I won't say and won't name now but shall be visible to all soon. After receiving Lonnie Frisbee's anointing I sat on a cliff side with my brothers and had a vision of my husband. He was in the forest, he held out his hand as he turned around and said "wait for me." He gave me his first and middle name. Bryon was the first then Holy Spirit awakened the name as Byron bay. Landing with some turbelunce then shot into the lighthouse that blinks every 11 seconds, my covenant one to one call to intimacy number. I stood upon the cliff and was wearing my turquoise ring on my wedding finger. I looked out into the distance and heard Jesus say if you want to meet your husband put the ring on the right finger but if you want to give your life to me for love keep it on the left finger. With one hesitation then no hesitation I chose Him and revival winds rushed upon the land. I found a guy with kind eyes and asked where to stay he gave me directions then said ask about "the forest"! So here I lay in the forest in my bridal chamber tent where I have found my Beloved. There's so much on His heart as I listen into the night. There's a big rain coming tomorrow and Dale jokingly talked about building an ark ... So I wait. I saw the feet of Jesus walking in the waters. Of come like the rain!