Love in the Red Light

We've been taking teams to Tijuana, MX for the past 7 years activating groups and individuals in the supernatural as well as pouring into the locals on the ground. A few years ago we started going into the Red Light District reaching out to trafficked woman. In 2013 we were loving on a guy who pulls men into the clubs to sleep with the woman. The Spirit fell on him and he began to cry, in his tenderness he asked, "what if there was something 24/7 for God here like there is for sex?" That question hit my Spirit and in the weeks to follow I began to dream about starting a 24/7 House of Worship right in the midst of the Red Light District. In my own experience I have come to believe that only an encounter with Love can change a life... so the thought is to flood the Red Light district with day and night incense, Love's atmosphere where the Spirit can change mindsets and set captives free.

Last month in June on my birthday morning we started our first week long "Incense 24/7" in Tijuana's Red Light District during our summer missions trip. Sixty radical lovers of God from all over the world cycled through the worship room located right in the heart of the district. His manifest Presence touched all who entered and we experienced His love like incense spill forth from the windows into the streets. Everywhere we went His fragrance followed leading grown men to cry, young men to repentance and ladies from  clubs to His holy wedding table.

God likes to do fun things with me like give me nations for my birthday... so it was beautiful on my birthday morning to see the way He connected me with a radical lover overseeing worship in multiple churches in Tijuana. When we both shared of our visions, He fell, and we realized we were sharing the same dream. 

The wind of the Spirit is blowing and we are following... we are taking the next steps to to rent an apartment and establish a dwelling place for God in the Red Light District of Tijuana! What will He do? Stay connected to find out more! If you would like to sow into this vision please go to our give page:) Thanks!                                                                              


Psalms 2:8

Let me tell you what God said next.
He said, “You’re my child,
And today is your birthday.
What do you want? Name it:
Nations as a present? continents as a prize?