Glory in the air tonight

Back in May we journeyed  into the mountains that lead to natural hot springs overlooking a river in Northern California. It was already night and the stars were shining when we stepped into the warm tubs welcomed by a group of naked  people and the smell of grass burning in the air.

I felt so much glory there encaved by rock walls against the starry night. An urge to chant came over me and was received by one of the other girls. I began to release my spirit and everyone joined in with the sweetest sounds, harmonizing together between chanting, ohming, and tongues. The heavenly realms were so open and the Spirit of God felt... in the midst of this a girl from the other group named Athena starts singing the hymn "Let's go down to the river to pray" as we all join in!  I am blown away by everyone's openness to the Spirit and how the Spirit is falling on everyone. Just then myself and Athena begin singing out... the songs quickly become prophetic and suddenly we are all singing "take us in, take us in"! His baptism of love saturated all of us. At one point I looked around and listened as hearts were opened and hearts were cared for. At the end of the night when our new friends hugged us goodnight, they also hugged my heart when they said it was the best night of their lives.                                                                                                        ~Julie