Come with me

October 2014

I remember my thoughts the day Joshua told me his vision for rescuing girls from red light districts. He said he just wanted to walk up to them and say, “Come with me.” I smiled and agreed, but internally I judged the idea as lofty or naive. Perhaps even ludicrous. My experience on the streets of Tijuana has always been powerful, yet that kind of breakthrough was beyond my experience and comprehension. UNTIL last month! But first, let me tell you how helpful, beneficial,  and magical it is to have a worship room within a few steps of the heart of the red light district.  It can be very difficult to walk when you’ve been caught up in His presence for hours drinking of His intoxicating love… but ahhhh, the glory of taking that state of bliss into the depths of darkness, permeating the atmosphere with God Himself. As I walked with David by my side, Holy Spirit told me that people will be born again just by looking into my eyes. At the time, I didn’t realize the gravity of what He said, but the moment I saw the next ladies we were ministering to, I actually felt myself become Jesus. The most Tender love came out of me with profoundly simple touches. Deep was calling unto deep as He looked into each face. No words were exchanged, but simple LOVE was being communicated. Then I stopped and looked at two ladies who were on the corner, I felt glory and grace spill out of me onto them. They both got hit with holy laughter! When I say that, I mean they were bent over, hardly able to stand on their heels, out of control laughing. At one point they ran behind the doors of the hotel to get away, then came back out still laughing and looking at each other with total wonder at what was happening! I was equally blown away, yet it seemed as natural as breathing, and in that moment my paradigm shifted and God became as big as He is. Later, when looking back on that moment, a thought hit me with deep conviction:  I could possibly have said to those two ladies “follow me” and they would have followed. Let the journey continue… 

November 2014

From glory to glory. I hesitated to post the October post, but after just getting back from the Red Light District again, and seeing what God just did, I must share. This is the story of Jessy, but it is more than that; this is the story of Christ, us, and us being Christ. We sent the team out to minister in the red light and down in the heroin camps, but I felt led to stay back and just be. Joshua stayed with me. After the team left I felt like having a cigar, so Joshua and I walked down to Revolution Street and grabbed one. On the way back a guy tried to sell us drugs, so we invited him back to the worship room. Later, after hours in the glory, he ended up coordinating dinner for the team! On our way back from grabbing the cigar we also saw a lady.  Well, he was what some would call a trans-gender, but that feels weird to call her anything but Jessy now. She was sitting with an old man on a bench, so we stopped and shared the cigar and simply said, “Come with us.” Five minutes later she showed up, followed by another prostitute and a white witch.  After that came a Shaman and a guy who got ripped off by a prostitute and chased by the police… The room was electric with glory, and the transformation that happened in Jessy’s life over the next 50 or so hours feels like it’s enough to write a book about, but i will just share a few of the moments that moved my heart. Jessy was in the room when the encounter happened with Christina (you can read blog “Dove’s Eyes” to hear that story). I saw her watching, but she was still unsure of what was happening. When the rest of the team came back, they looked in with wonder,  then jump right in to love on all the new friends. I sat down next to Jessy and I felt that she was ready to be embraced. When I felt it, I put my arms around her util she melted in the love of God. As I felt His peace come, she told me that she had never felt this way before. I heard Him say “i love you” as I breathed “I love you Jessy…” Her body began to tremble and tears fell… Throughout that night and the next day the team walked her through the gates of love. Brittany asked if we could get a cake to celebrate Jessy’s new life. After the party Jessy asked if we could take the cake to the streets and offer it to the prostitutes. Jessy lead the team on an outreach and was bringing ladies into the worship room. On the last day Jessy looked at me and said, “You are my God Mother.”  Then looked at Joshua, “You are my God Father”.  It’s exciting to think of what will happen next, so we just started a Jessy fund so she can go in and invite ladies to “come,” then pay for a night of rest in the hotel next to Incense 24/7. Jessy’s real name is Jesús. She told me, “You won’t recognize me when you come back!” But I will. What else would God look like?