Dove's Eyes

One of the most beautiful and intimate moments I've been a part of...This past week while in the Red Light District of Tijuana Christina and her friend were walking across the parking lot of Incense 24/7 on their way to the red light district.  By chance I saw them and invited them in. Within moments of sitting down I looked into Christina's face and as she looked back at me her eyes shifted and became like doves eyes. They were dripping with love, longing and sudden innocence. I humbly realized she was looking straight into the face of Christ and I was no longer in the room to her. As I saw her glance all I could do was reach out to give her a hug and in the same instance she jumped into my arms. The embrace was beyond this world and as she melted into His arms I heard Him say, "I've been waiting for this moment all my life." As I held her the glory of God filed the room and his intoxicating intimacy overtook all of us until she could no longer stand. We laid her on the couch and she stayed blissed out for hours.  It felt almost too intimate to be a part of the moment They fell in love, but in the midst of it I too fell and am falling.