Visions of glory

We see Eden, that is Heaven on Earth- ALL people coming together in perfect union with their Father and with his Son and with their beautiful Holy Spirit.

We found a group of people that are recklessly hungry for true Life. A people abundant in Love and at the forefront of this coming wave of Holy Spirit bliss and glory.

This wave- to rescue humanity from her current state of slavery, and take her dancing and singing, naked and intoxicated into eternity and her infinite realms of grace and mercy.

Our calling is to set up a Land, a safe place for the Lord and her people- a Land of wonder and mystery and the presence of God- that is Love smile emoticon

So much has been revealed as we have sought the face of God these past few months and we believe he is going to surprise everyone with what he is about to do. We've seen young and old hungry for an expression of God that goes beyond the 4-walls, memorized songs, programs and meetings. We've seen what the church would call new agers, gypsies, hippies or transients put everything on the line to travel to the ends of the earth seeking truth, light, love, adventure, hoping for something more. These ones labeled as "the world" are fearless, abandoned, trained by GOING, full of wonder, not afraid to share or care. They look into each others eyes, share stories, resources and life, music, dancing and celebration. Could this be the bride of Christ about to be revealed. Jesus hides himself in darkness and spent his time with those on the fringe.

We believe this is the time of the highways and byways, a time to stop business as usual. A time to get back to family, sit at tables and share meals and communion- where life on life happens. God showed me years ago that "take My BODY, eat" is more than bread but the breaking of life and intimacy. As the BODY of Christ, true communion involves partaking of one another as we partake of Him.

I am humbly convinced that Christ is about to be revealed to these radical ones. They are more open to the Spirit than most so-called christians I've met. As the revelation of Jesus Christ is revealed among these I am convinced the biggest move of God- the Spirit revolution- will take place. I see them, as well as the true believers, filled with Holy Spirit, fearlessly going into the darkest places- dancing upon injustice and taking back what is rightfully His! God has shown us, just as there are passageways in the waters and the Lands, the sex industry also has a very specific track on the Earth (of course it isn't random. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, very calculated and very demonic). We believe that revival will hits these hundreds of thousands of travelers already travelling the Earth, looking for thrills and death defying experiences, and that by then we will have cracked the circuit and these fire bandits will fearlessly rush in with music, dancing, LOVE and just straight up take the ladies, the men and the stolen children back.

So we moved to Ometepe, Nicaragua. And we have the keys to revival. Our plan is to find Land and claim it in the name of Love as a place of refuge, where the hungry can find food and where the thirsty can find living waters.We will also continue to set up houses of worship in red light districts around the world. We are ready to see his will be done as his kingdom comes... On Earth as it is in Heaven. As this unfolds, you beautiful ones of glorious light are invited to COME. Please come and share communion with us. Bring a hammock or a tent, bring a hammer or bring a song...


Our Central America trip has NOT been easy.  I remind myself that trials produce perseverance, and perseverance maturity. The Word say to consider trails pure joy due to the character development and faith it produces (James 1:2). When I surrendered my will to God, I surrendered my will to God. 

Driving through Honduras.

Driving through Honduras.

I do my best to live with my hands and heart open, letting His Spirit lead.  “Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even when he did not know where he was going (Hebrews 11:8).  I can relate. 

The back of our van home.

The back of our van home.

Coming on this trip was the only option that Barry and I felt the Spirit on.  That’s how we live.  We follow the peace we feel from the Holy Spirit. It’s unique to many. We’re not following money. We’re not following comfort.  We’re not following security or where our family or friends are, as much as we love and miss them.  We’re following His leading. And that’s the only choice I have.  Actually, no, it’s just the best choice I have.  

I feel so confident that anything we choose for our lives is fine by God, and He’ll even bless it.  But it may not be what we were made for. So ultimately, it won’t be as fulfilling, or nearly as fun. Yes, following the Spirit sometimes involves sacrifice and tons of challenges, but it also yields the most fruit. And one of my favorite fruits of the Spirit is JOY. 

No, I don’t always feel joy squatting in public all over the place because I live in a van and don’t have a bathroom.  I don’t get excited to have to hunt for a cafe because it’s so freaking hot in the van I might die.  I don’t love dousing my skin in chemical bug spray because theres an army of mosquitos out to get me.  

But, when God, after hundreds of miracles, gets us to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and has us meet Luis, who just happens to have a free house from the church that we can stay in with 2 vacant bedrooms…the joy I find in God’s provision is indescribable. I am blessed.  

Amidst the trials that come with a life of surrender, there is an immense joy that continues to follow me.  How could I doubt His presence? How could I doubt his provision? How could I ever again doubt His goodness? He’s too real, too active in my life, His presence too tangible, for me to ever doubt Him.  Question Him? Yeah, daily.  But doubt Him? Never.

- Alison Merkabah

Prophetic Dream about the Bride

It was my wedding day and my family put a wedding dress on me that was really old-fashioned, too big and heavy it just didn't fit me. I looked down and was sad because it was so ugly. Then my sister started doing my hair but she was tying it up and as I looked in the mirror I didn't like what I saw, I didn't look like me, I wanted my hair down to be loose and flowing. Then I realized the man I was about to marry I didn't even know very well and the thought of being naked with him scared me. everything just felt so wrong but I felt this pressure and obligation because everyone was already there. And in the dream I wasn't even confident that the groom would be there. I went upstairs to look where the guest were waiting and there were so many people there but none were close to me just a room full of acquaintances, this too grieved me and I kept thinking I just want to do it the way my friends got married, just the two of them made vows to each other in the presence of Holy Spirit. Then I was at the elevator to go to the ceremony still sick to my stomach. When the doors opened the cart wasn't at ground level and if I would've stepped forward I would have fallen into the dark shaft. Just then a woman appeared and jumped up into the elevator cart and it turned into a portal of light.

When I woke up Holy Spirit began to reveal the meaning. She said this is what is happening in the body of Christ, that we are putting burdens on the world that don't fit and are too heavy to bear, we want them to conform into an image that isn't them then pressure them to make a decision to marry a God they don't have intimacy with and they are afraid to be naked/ real with a commitment that even the Bridegroom isn't in. And at the reception/church buildings are full of people that aren't family.

He is standing with arms wide open, He requires nothing of you to come into His glorious love no matter where or what you've done or are doing! Forgive us Father for making it so hard for people to be themselves and see You.

so we went

beyond the borders of ourselves
to the place where few go
beyond the end of all things.
We saw the heavenly realms,
the places of pure light.
We saw the landscapes 
and we saw.... Him [thank you!]
One of bright Love and pure emotion
One who turns all things new
and makes me happy
a joy beyond joys...

a safe and naked space
a place for you and me,
My lovely ones
My fragrance beyond beauty
My life and fresh air.

Teach us your ways
Tell us the stories of time
and the lives beyond ours.
Let us taste the ages
and smell the now.
Let us see the future and...

Drink, she says.
So we did
and we were overcome. Taken under the influence of something new and fantastic-
a purple cloud of glory.
Dancing sparkles we see
Life, that is Love, that is the truer way to heaven.
Not death! My dear ones, I came to bring you life and of it you may drink abundantly the ever flowing streams of mercy and triumph.

So We came
to a place of glowing gold...

Our rebirth,
Our silver lining 
to the Rainbow coloured cosmos.

Where light, life and beauty meet.
Where love, truth, and honesty mingle.
Where we are whole and one and unashamedly naked.

Catching Dreams

I had to make a choice recently... I was on the edge of fighting but in the last moments surrendered in love To peace and dusted my feet in the earth. I've see the atrocities happening behind the 4 walls, I've spilled my tears in the streets and seen reflections of angels and red lights. Sat on corners waiting for someone to come weeping for love lost and the upside down ways of babel and coverings that keep them kept Instead of dry and sheltered from the rain a place to sing and play, laugh and dance, talk and dream. I learned to make my first dream catcher there. We sat and shared food and sting and weaved. lives opened Every bead a story a dream, a place an adventure a cherished memory. I used to be afraid but now so loved by Perfect Love I smile and am led gently beside the storm waters. Blessed be pure existence!

I see a brand of fearless one's awakening the go anywhere do anything, I see the fire in His eyes burning into them the deepest love HE holds the universe that carries every perfect gift! I see these fire dancers branded deep in love going in and bringing JUSTICE HIMSELF to those about to be justified as HE sums up all things into Himself

- Because of the sacrifice of the Messiah, his blood poured out on the altar of the Cross, we’re a free people—free of penalties and punishments chalked up by all our misdeeds. And not just barely free, either. Abundantly free! He thought of everything, provided for everything we could possibly need, letting us in on the plans he took such delight in making. He set it all out before us in Christ, a long-range plan in which everything would be brought together and summed up in him, everything in deepest heaven, everything on planet earth. (Ephesians 1:7-10 MSG)


2nd night at the hippie commune, there is a talent show every Tuesday night! So much celebration and life. I talk to this guy and join a table full of people, he begiins to talk about the problems in the world so I release a cleansing tongue to purify the atmosphere. He identifies it as tongues then identifes himself as a Christian .. We have a conversation and he says a lot of whacked up stuff mostly about judgment and not being in the world then he tells me not to speak in tongues here that I will blow his/ my cover. I begin to explain that I'm not under cover trying to make friends with an agenda of conversion, that I simply walk in love and release my spirit and am welcomed everywhere I go. He tells me if I do it again he won't talk to me. Not annoyed by this at all I continue to be me and release sweet Holy Spirit! The other 6 people inquire and begin to feel the love of God! I tell them it is the spirit of God a language felt, beyond words and they are free to commune with Him too. They all get blasted and one starts recording. Another says if this were on tv they would start watching it. Everyone mystified by the tangible presence of God. When we hug goodnight they said it was the best hug they ever had then we grouped hugged. During the encounter they would just start releasing their spirit and could feel Holy Spirit. When I went back into the "forest" or campground everyone huddled under covering as the rain began to fall. Instruments, music, laughter and long conversations went into the night. I continued to sing in tongues and hug the ones God so loves that He died for. The hugs spread love more potent than every other intoxication the night offered and one brother or sister would say to another, "have you tried that" and they would and the true light is burning into the night! JESUS is the desire of the nations and as they see Him all will come! Beautifully all the nations of the earth come to this spot! Oh Lord you said ask and the nations will sing, distant shores and the islands will sing, oh that's the cry of my heart!

Breaking Human DNA

I remember Hawaii and all of the beautifully wonderful things God did in my heart. It started the night I saw the cord of death and my human DNA pull out of me. the Angels were in the room and the universe ushered in by the living creatures and the sweet presence of Jesus. I saw my mothers face then deaths face and they both cracked then an imbelical looking thing pulled out of my being. I cried the sweetest cries of the Fathers love as I trekked through the volcanic rock trodden earth. Feeling Him like never before, the sweetest of LOVE. I felt HOSANNA as I walked through tall grasses and felt the gentle hands of angels and the waiting ones. I cried every sweet tear down to captain cooks monument not then understanding the things I do now. Looked into the face of God, saw sunsets and rainbows! Jumped into the deep came up through the earth as Holy Spirit taught us to walk on water into secret star gates of glory! Found brothers and sisters of the tribe of obed edom who follow the ark of His Presence. One of the tenderest moments soaking in a tub I went to wash my feet and gently closed my eyes. The bathroom door opened and beautiful Holy Spirit came in and lavishly tenderly washed my feet... Then shut the door behind her. I didn't know then what I know now and how those days prepared me to walk into the dessert and see the blood lines seperate. There are things I won't say and won't name now but shall be visible to all soon. After receiving Lonnie Frisbee's anointing I sat on a cliff side with my brothers and had a vision of my husband. He was in the forest, he held out his hand as he turned around and said "wait for me." He gave me his first and middle name. Bryon was the first then Holy Spirit awakened the name as Byron bay. Landing with some turbelunce then shot into the lighthouse that blinks every 11 seconds, my covenant one to one call to intimacy number. I stood upon the cliff and was wearing my turquoise ring on my wedding finger. I looked out into the distance and heard Jesus say if you want to meet your husband put the ring on the right finger but if you want to give your life to me for love keep it on the left finger. With one hesitation then no hesitation I chose Him and revival winds rushed upon the land. I found a guy with kind eyes and asked where to stay he gave me directions then said ask about "the forest"! So here I lay in the forest in my bridal chamber tent where I have found my Beloved. There's so much on His heart as I listen into the night. There's a big rain coming tomorrow and Dale jokingly talked about building an ark ... So I wait. I saw the feet of Jesus walking in the waters. Of come like the rain!

Come with me

October 2014

I remember my thoughts the day Joshua told me his vision for rescuing girls from red light districts. He said he just wanted to walk up to them and say, “Come with me.” I smiled and agreed, but internally I judged the idea as lofty or naive. Perhaps even ludicrous. My experience on the streets of Tijuana has always been powerful, yet that kind of breakthrough was beyond my experience and comprehension. UNTIL last month! But first, let me tell you how helpful, beneficial,  and magical it is to have a worship room within a few steps of the heart of the red light district.  It can be very difficult to walk when you’ve been caught up in His presence for hours drinking of His intoxicating love… but ahhhh, the glory of taking that state of bliss into the depths of darkness, permeating the atmosphere with God Himself. As I walked with David by my side, Holy Spirit told me that people will be born again just by looking into my eyes. At the time, I didn’t realize the gravity of what He said, but the moment I saw the next ladies we were ministering to, I actually felt myself become Jesus. The most Tender love came out of me with profoundly simple touches. Deep was calling unto deep as He looked into each face. No words were exchanged, but simple LOVE was being communicated. Then I stopped and looked at two ladies who were on the corner, I felt glory and grace spill out of me onto them. They both got hit with holy laughter! When I say that, I mean they were bent over, hardly able to stand on their heels, out of control laughing. At one point they ran behind the doors of the hotel to get away, then came back out still laughing and looking at each other with total wonder at what was happening! I was equally blown away, yet it seemed as natural as breathing, and in that moment my paradigm shifted and God became as big as He is. Later, when looking back on that moment, a thought hit me with deep conviction:  I could possibly have said to those two ladies “follow me” and they would have followed. Let the journey continue… 

November 2014

From glory to glory. I hesitated to post the October post, but after just getting back from the Red Light District again, and seeing what God just did, I must share. This is the story of Jessy, but it is more than that; this is the story of Christ, us, and us being Christ. We sent the team out to minister in the red light and down in the heroin camps, but I felt led to stay back and just be. Joshua stayed with me. After the team left I felt like having a cigar, so Joshua and I walked down to Revolution Street and grabbed one. On the way back a guy tried to sell us drugs, so we invited him back to the worship room. Later, after hours in the glory, he ended up coordinating dinner for the team! On our way back from grabbing the cigar we also saw a lady.  Well, he was what some would call a trans-gender, but that feels weird to call her anything but Jessy now. She was sitting with an old man on a bench, so we stopped and shared the cigar and simply said, “Come with us.” Five minutes later she showed up, followed by another prostitute and a white witch.  After that came a Shaman and a guy who got ripped off by a prostitute and chased by the police… The room was electric with glory, and the transformation that happened in Jessy’s life over the next 50 or so hours feels like it’s enough to write a book about, but i will just share a few of the moments that moved my heart. Jessy was in the room when the encounter happened with Christina (you can read blog “Dove’s Eyes” to hear that story). I saw her watching, but she was still unsure of what was happening. When the rest of the team came back, they looked in with wonder,  then jump right in to love on all the new friends. I sat down next to Jessy and I felt that she was ready to be embraced. When I felt it, I put my arms around her util she melted in the love of God. As I felt His peace come, she told me that she had never felt this way before. I heard Him say “i love you” as I breathed “I love you Jessy…” Her body began to tremble and tears fell… Throughout that night and the next day the team walked her through the gates of love. Brittany asked if we could get a cake to celebrate Jessy’s new life. After the party Jessy asked if we could take the cake to the streets and offer it to the prostitutes. Jessy lead the team on an outreach and was bringing ladies into the worship room. On the last day Jessy looked at me and said, “You are my God Mother.”  Then looked at Joshua, “You are my God Father”.  It’s exciting to think of what will happen next, so we just started a Jessy fund so she can go in and invite ladies to “come,” then pay for a night of rest in the hotel next to Incense 24/7. Jessy’s real name is Jesús. She told me, “You won’t recognize me when you come back!” But I will. What else would God look like?


Dove's Eyes

One of the most beautiful and intimate moments I've been a part of...This past week while in the Red Light District of Tijuana Christina and her friend were walking across the parking lot of Incense 24/7 on their way to the red light district.  By chance I saw them and invited them in. Within moments of sitting down I looked into Christina's face and as she looked back at me her eyes shifted and became like doves eyes. They were dripping with love, longing and sudden innocence. I humbly realized she was looking straight into the face of Christ and I was no longer in the room to her. As I saw her glance all I could do was reach out to give her a hug and in the same instance she jumped into my arms. The embrace was beyond this world and as she melted into His arms I heard Him say, "I've been waiting for this moment all my life." As I held her the glory of God filed the room and his intoxicating intimacy overtook all of us until she could no longer stand. We laid her on the couch and she stayed blissed out for hours.  It felt almost too intimate to be a part of the moment They fell in love, but in the midst of it I too fell and am falling.

Rama Cay, Nicaragua

Back in June a small team of Kingdom people set journey to Nicaragua. It was quite the journey with the main purpose to serve leaders at a summit in Matagalpa. I had heard of a small island of indigenous people off of the Caribbean coast so I tagged a visit to to the end of the trip to see what God was doing there. A boat ride through the water and suddenly we found ourself walking up the stairs to meet the pastor of the island . If you know me, you know how much I love God's presence and how blessed I have been to know that Presence intimately and directly. So it was very odd to find myself in the midst of this island beauty yet I couldn't feel God at all. We stand amidst the tribe and church people in an old Moravian founded church building. One of the team members was preaching the Good News only the concept of the goodness of God was too profound or too good so the translator interpreted the opposite... judgement. It was a strange moment watching words seeming fall to the ground and feel an atmosphere of oppression like I had never known before. Things made a little more sense when a leader came to me and began to expose the sins of the congregation and tell me not to associate with heart broke...We kept pressing in and when ministry time began we labored with little fruit.. I decided to grab these 6 youth and go for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.. I led then to invite Him in and although I still couldn't feel the Presence the guys said they began to feel funny! It was Him they began to feel Him! The schedule tight as it was, we loaded the boat after only 2 hours on the Island. I went to the back of the boat, put my head phones in and Jason Upton's song, "The World is Wide Open" became alive and deep within my Spirit and I heard God say, "this Island is the whole reason I brought you on this trip".

Jump ahead March and I am on my way back to the island with a radical team of lovers! Back to RamaCay... what will happen, will we break through...? What is God doing?

The things that happened next melted my heart and I have a deeper understanding than ever before about what transformation in the nations can look like. The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation were key on this journey as we had a nightly bible study on the rocks overlooking the ocean. It wasn't for the masses, only 2 came, both sons of the pastor, but I believe these are the men of peace. Simple concepts shared on the goodness of God and being in a dispensation of Grace where the kindness of God leads to repentance. I could see the lights turn on and by the end of the first night the two sons couldn't stop saying, "He's so good!" The third day into the trip one of the sons stops me on the docks and told me God had visited him in dreams and that he has a new vision for his life, he then tells me I'm his new boss, teach me! Amazing how we make our plans but at the end of the day it's Holy Spirit at work.. teaching, guiding, revealing, loving, always loving!

Isaiah 66
7 “Before she goes into labor,
she gives birth;
before the pains come upon her,
she delivers a son.
8 Who has ever heard of such things?
Who has ever seen things like this?
Can a country be born in a day
or a nation be brought forth in a moment?
9 Shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery?” says the Lord.

There is so much more to share but at the end of the trip I realize it's really only the beginning... I'm reminded of an encounter I had when we were worshipping in my garage a few weeks before the trip singing, "I give it all to you Jesus" and how hard it hit me that I couldn't give it all to Him. He gave it all to ME! All His glory, all His Spirit.. in the encounter I saw the woman of the red light district holding back tears because they weren't allowed to cry because they are slaves, I've seen injustices first hand and I was suddenly gripped with the revelation that I can't give it all to Jesus, I must have ownership, I must feel with Him and I must GO! A life verse for me Isaiah 66:12- You shall nurse the nations at your right side.. leaving the Island I believe I understand this verse like never before... what does it look like to give birth to a nation, it looks like intimate love that doesn't give up, it looks like nursing it as a child and committing to it's future. His love cost Him everything..and now I feel as King David did, 2 Samuel 24:24 “No, but I will buy it from you for a price. I will not offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God that cost me nothing.” 

So let the journey begin... Rama on my heart.

Armed with love and a flower

Often decisions made in fear result in no decision at all. When we took a team of people to share true love in the red light district of Tijuana fear was not something we came under, as we walked down the streets it was nowhere to be found.

What filled the streets was the Sprit of God, manifested in and around his creation.  The young ladies who stood in plastic high heels along the sides of buildings, were seen for more than what the world had made them to be. As we handed them flowers and invited them in they smiled, cried, hugged, hoped, laughed and felt the love of a God, who gives the cup of joy amidst the sorrow. 

He really cares about people who are hurting. He really does draw near to the broken. His goodness cannot be exaggerated. His love can be shared. 


Glory in the air tonight

Back in May we journeyed  into the mountains that lead to natural hot springs overlooking a river in Northern California. It was already night and the stars were shining when we stepped into the warm tubs welcomed by a group of naked  people and the smell of grass burning in the air.

I felt so much glory there encaved by rock walls against the starry night. An urge to chant came over me and was received by one of the other girls. I began to release my spirit and everyone joined in with the sweetest sounds, harmonizing together between chanting, ohming, and tongues. The heavenly realms were so open and the Spirit of God felt... in the midst of this a girl from the other group named Athena starts singing the hymn "Let's go down to the river to pray" as we all join in!  I am blown away by everyone's openness to the Spirit and how the Spirit is falling on everyone. Just then myself and Athena begin singing out... the songs quickly become prophetic and suddenly we are all singing "take us in, take us in"! His baptism of love saturated all of us. At one point I looked around and listened as hearts were opened and hearts were cared for. At the end of the night when our new friends hugged us goodnight, they also hugged my heart when they said it was the best night of their lives.                                                                                                        ~Julie

Love in the Red Light

We've been taking teams to Tijuana, MX for the past 7 years activating groups and individuals in the supernatural as well as pouring into the locals on the ground. A few years ago we started going into the Red Light District reaching out to trafficked woman. In 2013 we were loving on a guy who pulls men into the clubs to sleep with the woman. The Spirit fell on him and he began to cry, in his tenderness he asked, "what if there was something 24/7 for God here like there is for sex?" That question hit my Spirit and in the weeks to follow I began to dream about starting a 24/7 House of Worship right in the midst of the Red Light District. In my own experience I have come to believe that only an encounter with Love can change a life... so the thought is to flood the Red Light district with day and night incense, Love's atmosphere where the Spirit can change mindsets and set captives free.

Last month in June on my birthday morning we started our first week long "Incense 24/7" in Tijuana's Red Light District during our summer missions trip. Sixty radical lovers of God from all over the world cycled through the worship room located right in the heart of the district. His manifest Presence touched all who entered and we experienced His love like incense spill forth from the windows into the streets. Everywhere we went His fragrance followed leading grown men to cry, young men to repentance and ladies from  clubs to His holy wedding table.

God likes to do fun things with me like give me nations for my birthday... so it was beautiful on my birthday morning to see the way He connected me with a radical lover overseeing worship in multiple churches in Tijuana. When we both shared of our visions, He fell, and we realized we were sharing the same dream. 

The wind of the Spirit is blowing and we are following... we are taking the next steps to to rent an apartment and establish a dwelling place for God in the Red Light District of Tijuana! What will He do? Stay connected to find out more! If you would like to sow into this vision please go to our give page:) Thanks!                                                                              


Psalms 2:8

Let me tell you what God said next.
He said, “You’re my child,
And today is your birthday.
What do you want? Name it:
Nations as a present? continents as a prize?


New life on the beach

When we went under the water, we left the old country of sin behind; when we came up out of the water, we entered into the new country of grace—a new life in a new land!

He wanted to start over, he wanted to be born again not the Christian way but a new way. How does the Source of life bring restoration to the mind, body and spirit covered in life's trauma?

We met Jose' on the beach. He was worn by the lifestyle that comes with being a hopeless wanderer. He walked over to Julie and Joshua drawn to the spirit of unconditional love and restoration that floated in the air around them. He wanted to get baptized.  As he walked to the water an all too familiar anxiety stirred. Then he had a thought that was not his own, "what else would God look like?" Held by their hands, he went under the waves.

He walked over and sat down next to us as family. He began to reveal the areas in his life where anger and shame were put on him and he held on to them as though they were his. The battle is first fought in our mind. He saw the lies believed and began to let them go. Soon the sand was peppered with tears. He forgave his father, then he forgave himself. A new identity began to form in him as he realized he was made to be intimate with a loving creator. Righteousness fell on him. He no longer was bound to thoughts that did not lead to hope, he had authority to send them back. He was made new.                                                                                                                                                                      ~Barry